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Old Bums and Beat Cowboys - Pale Ale 

Inspired by: Jack Kerouac's On the Road

A sessionable pale ale that is sure to elicit a “wicked grin” similar to Sal’s when he finally sets his eyes upon the city of Denver in On the Road.

In this creation, we offer you a pale ale layered with the deep biscuit flavor of English Marris Otter malt and the complexities of restrained caramel malt use.  The bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors of Citra and Amarillo hops complement the malt-balancing bitterness of Warrior hops.  The English and American flavors are melded into one unique flavor profile by our house yeast providing a dry finish and a complex array of fruity esters.

The Dreamer - India Pale Ale

Inspired by: Rudyard Kipling’s The Fairies’ Siege

The poem ends with the line, "Tis the Dreamer whose dreams come true!" Originally brewed as a hop-forward ale to survive the transoceanic journey from England to India, The Dreamer rewards those with an adventurous spirit and curious palate like the risk-takers who first exported the style.

A simple malt bill of American pale malt for a smooth and delicate malt flavor, the backbone of any good IPA.  Our base grain is complemented by a touch of Crystal malt to help balance the hop bitterness and provide additional character.  Where our beer shines is in the hop regime used.  Starting with Apollo added to the boil kettle as we transfer the mash wort.  After 60 minutes of boiling we add a hop blend called Falconers Flight.  As we turn off the kettle and begin our whirlpool El Dorado and Mosaic are added.  The wort is transferred through our hopback full of cascade.  We then use multiple dry hop additions.  The result of this process is to create an IPA that has a balanced bitterness and a huge punch of hop flavor and aroma...The Dreamer is not West Coast and not East Coast, but rather we think of it as a Colorado IPA.

Feely Effects - Green Tea Chocolate Milk Stout

                  Bronze Medal Winner

                 Bronze Medal Winner

Inspired by: Aldus Huxley's Brave New World

Grab hold of your sensory knobs and prepare for a titillating adventure into the deceivingly satisfying beer known as stout.  Stereoscopic images of rich dark color and thick tan collar; breathe in the aroma of roasted barley & chocolate (no scent organ required), and savor the rich taste that will certainly alight all of the right facial erogenous zones.

Our brewers have tasted a variety of grains to be able to select only those that would intensify the characteristics of this style.  Our grain bill includes lightly kilned pale malt, Chocolaty Special B, the toffee flavors of light caramel malt, and the classic flavor of roasted barley.  A light hop bittering addition will complement the pure bitterness of over 18 pounds of 100% Cacoa.  The use of lactose sugar provides a creamy mouthfeel and balancing residual sweetness.  A low temperature mash provides for a highly fermentable beer resulting in drinkable 8% ABV stout.  To intensify the natural flavors of the malt bill and chocolate we added a touch of Matcha Green Tea powder to the boil and in the fermentor.  If you are in the mood for a Feely Effect of a beer, our stout will surely provide a sensory experience not to be missed.  

Subtle Ruse - Pilsner

                      Bronze Medal Winner

                    Bronze Medal Winner

Inspired by: Franz Kafka's short story The Burrow

Cool, dark winding passages.  Nothing but earth above and below.  A well-built castle keep to store your most precious morsels. While reading Kafka’s The Burrow, we were reminded of the caverns of Plzen—where the Czech pilsner was lagered  after its creation in 1842.





A Beer of Very Little Brain

Inspired by: A.A Milne's Winnie the Pooh

Who loves honey more than our favorite “silly old bear”? When crafting this beer, our brains immediately conjured up images of Pooh Bear scaling a tree or floating with the help of a balloon in pursuit of honey. While we would argue that our favorite childhood bear has a bit more brains than given credit for, our beer is  actually rather simple—and that is exactly what we hoped to achieve.

We took the classic American style wheat beer and played with the recipe just enough to make it our own. We used a lager yeast to ferment the beer. The lager yeast was slowly allowed to rise in temperature from 50F to 65F. (This is what is known as a “steam” beer, or common ale.) The warm lager fermentation creates a unique flavor profile that perfectly compliments this style of beer. Honey malt provides a subtle honey flavor with-out the addition of actual honey as well as the rich inviting amber color.

Logic is Relative - New England Style Imperial India Pale Ale

Logic is Relative is a tropical hop experience. With over 4 pounds of hops per barrel.  This beer produces a juicy aroma like fresh orange juice.  The balanced malt bill was designed to be dry, allowing the hops to be the focus showing how these varieties work with one another to create new and exciting flavor profiles.  We recommend allowing the beer to breathe for a few minutes and warming with your hands to truly allow the sticky hop oils to infiltrate your senses.