Waves and Ripples - Gose

Inspired by: Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane

A world of mystery, wonder and ancient mystic forces awaits.  What may seem like an ordinary pond is actually a magical ocean.  Once contained in a simple metal bucket, the ocean glows.  Waves and ripples are noticeable upon the surface.

Gose (pronounced "Goes-Uh") is a traditional lightly soured and salted wheat beer from the Goslar region of Germany.  Our Gose was soured by Lactobacillus until we reached a pH reading of 3.3.  Sea salt, coriander, cardamom and makrut lime were added to the boil for a wonderfully complex citrus flavor and aroma.  Light, refreshing and flavorful, this nearly extinct style has made a well-deserved resurgence in recent years.

Zembla - Baltic Porter

Inspired by: Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire

The Baltic Porter is a very robust Porter brewed to fight off the harsh winters of the 18th and 19th century Baltic trade routes.  When thinking of the Baltic region, we made the connection to Zembla.    “Zembla” is the imaginary country that Pale Fire’s famously mad narrator creates and attempts to foist on his poet-neighbor.  Unlike “Zembla” theislands Nova Zembla are real and havecome to symbolize the extreme unchartered north. 

The malt backbone is the star of this beer but the lager yeast, process and low ABV are responsible for the subtle chocolate, plum and dark fruit flavors.

A Beer of Very Little Brain - Honey Wheat Common Ale

Inspired by: A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh

Who loves honey more than our favorite “silly old bear”?  When crafting this beer, our brains immediately conjured up images of Pooh Bear scaling a tree or floating with the help of a balloon in pursuit of honey.  While we would argue that our favorite childhood bear has a bit more brains than given credit for, our beer is actually rather simple—and that is exactly what we hoped to achieve. 

We took the classic American style wheat beer and played with the recipe just enough to make it our own. We used a lager yeast to ferment the beer.  The lager yeast was slowly allowed to rise in temperature from 50F to 65F.  (This is what is known as a “steam” beer or common ale.)  The warm lager fermentation creates a unique flavor profile that perfectly compliments this style of beer.  Honey malt provides a subtle honey flavor without the addition of actual honey.

Ultimate Simpatico - Brett Fermented Saison w/Cascara & Plum 

Inspired by: Frank Herbert's Dune

The melding of Brewers’ minds.  The mutual awareness.  The ultimate simpatico of Cerebral Brewing, Chain Reaction Brewing and Fiction Beer has resulted in a truly experimental beer.  The brewers may not have been sampling the “Melange” but they sure do have the prescience of interstellar travel.  

We used a standard Saison recipe and added 100 lbs. of cascara from Corvus Coffee and 294 lbs. of purple plum.  Fermented primarily with Brettanomyces and a touch of Saccharomyces.  Notes of black tea, juicy plum and soft lemon tartness. 

Somewhere Around Barstow (2nd Edition) - Experimental Double IPA 

Inspired by: Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold … “  Dammit man, have we been here before?  Well … almost.  This version of Barstow is insanely tropical with notes of papaya, gooseberry, grape and pink starbursts. So sit back, relax, buy the ticket and take the ride … this is still bat country.

With 30 lbs. of Nelson Sauvin hops, this beer is designed to maximize the flavor and aroma of this incredibly unique New Zealand hop.  We added 5 gallons of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grape must to add depth and character.  Two rounds of dry hops also bring out an extremely unique, enticingly dank terroir.

The Farmlight - All Colorado American Red

Inspired by: Colorado Author Kent Haruf’s Plainsong

It’s so isolating in the Colorado country dark.  Communities are far-flung and the only shinning beacon is the farmlight glowing amber in the night.  It signals to travelers, “I am home.”  

The inspiration for this beer led us to only one possible outcome, a warming amber ale for the cool fall nights of Colorado.  To get to the end result we started adding flavor malts reminiscent of an Octoberfest style lager including Vienna, Munich, and Chocolate malts.  Once the base for this beer was developed we decided to twist it slightly in American fashion with a higher than typical ABV and a significantly larger use of bittering hops. The final result is a drinkable bright amber ale with loads of hop flavor and aroma with a sharp yet palatable bitterness.  Try this new Colorado fall tradition before it is gone.

Amiable Acquaintance - Rhubarb Black Currant Wheat

Inspired by: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

From taking a turn around the room to a walk in the park, we have brewed this beer to bring you the sweet and tart taste of summer indoors.  The pride we feel towards “Amiable Acquaintance” was not created from vanity, but from the hopes that we have provided you with a great comfort and that you leave with a memory formed from having intimate knowledge of the most pleasant manner in which a beer can be remembered. 

Are Redheads Supernatural? - Summer Seasonal

Inspired by: Tom Robbins' Still Life With Woodpecker

Tom Robbins tackles some of life’s biggest questions: are redheads supernatural and how to make love stay?  Our beer may not answer these questions, but it sure isinfused with hibiscus and thusly rates on the carrot top scale—perhaps it’s descended from the Red Beards?

A thirst quencher of a seasonal ale.  Light in color, big on flavor.  The Belgian pale malt creates an appropriate base for the delicate citrus flavor of hibiscus and kaffir lime leaf.  A light touch of late addition hops provide a round flavor and aroma to complement the herbs.  The fruity esters of our Belgian yeast round out our creation to make sure the flavors combine into one harmonious experience.

Autumn Stars - Belgian Farmhouse

Inspired by: Richard Adam’s Watership Down

We hate to ruin it for you, but it’s the last page before the epilogue.  The journey is at it’s end and it’s time to reflect on the meaning of things. The autumn stars are out; glowing a pale orange.  Fall is upon the down.  Leafs collect in the hollowsand the smell of pepper and citrus permeate the air.   And below the earth, a group of rabbits sleep.

We pay homage to the farmhouse ale tradition with Autumn Stars by using a changing array of seasonal local ingredients to lend flavor, character and spice to a traditional base recipe.  This version includes an variety of fall squash added at various times in the process including pumpkin, acorn squash,  butternut squash, andJapanese Pumpkin.  To complement the complex sugars added by these fruits we useda hefty helping of black strap molasses in the boil.  The result is a rich amber farmhouse ale ready to welcome in the Fall.

Communal Synergy - Double IPA

Inspired by: T.C. Boyle's Drop City

Blissed out by peace and love man.  Feeling the communal synergy generated by this hop-forward beer.  We love it so much we may just attempt to start a commune in the Alaskan wilderness without a clue of how to actually live off of the land.  But double IPA makes us happy.  It makes us want to be risk takers.  Peace man.

No gimmicks, no special ingredients, just a strong malt backbone and lots of hops.  Our double IPA is a west coast style bold dank, resiny, and citrus hop bitter beer that some will love and some wont touch with a 10 foot pole.  Our goal was simply to make a double IPA that would present well when tasted side by side with the best of the West Coast offerings.  Our version includes a solid malt base including two row and Maris Otter.  For Hops we used seven varieties including Zeus, El Dorado, Calypso, Nelson Sauvin, and Experimental #5256, 6300 and 7270.  Nearly 30 pounds of hops went into this beer (for those that are counting that is over 4 pounds per barrel!)  The end result is a well balanced hop forward double IPA that we are proud to put in your glass.  Enjoy!

Cliffs of Insanity - Belgian Dubbel

Inspired by: William Goldman's Princess Bride

The Cliffs of Insanity may seem inconceivable to all whom approach them—unless you are the man in black or Fezzik the Giant.  We made this beer less daunting and approachable to all: clocking in at 5.5%ABV, this beer is far below the average alcohol content of 7% for a Belgian Dubbel. So you can have one and still fence Inigo Montoya, best the Sicilian in the Battle of Wits and conquer the Fire Swamp.   Cheers to adventure!

This is Not an Exit - Belgian Dark Strong Ale with Roasted Hatch Chilies

Inspired by: Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho

This beer is dark. Kinda like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. But be assured, we don’t have psychopathic tendencies … the only devious things we are up to at night are dry-hopping this beer with fresh New Mexico Hatch Chilies. (And no, drinking this beer does not make you lose your connection to humanity.)

A Belgian classic with a signature Fiction addition.  Belgian pale malt, Roasted Barley, Caramel Malt and a load of Belgian Dark Candy Sugar provide the base for this beer. Our experimental #05256 hops boasting dark fruit and fig flavor round out this high octane brew. To complement the roasted barley and chocolate notes we added nearly three bushels of fresh roasted hatch chilies, a Colorado mainstay in the fall.  Enjoy this beer responsibly as it goes down easy and can leave you craving more.

Somewhere Around Barstow - Experimental IPA

Inspired by: Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold..." famous words that began a loathing, scary journey in Las Vegas by one of the most chaotic and uniquely individual madman writers of our time ... Hunter S. Thompson.  This beer is the first batch introducing our experimental India Pale Ale series that harnesses inspiration from the madness that is Gonzo.  Each beer will be different, but will largely focus on the flavor and aroma of blending hops with specialty ingredients.

This beer is designed to create a new kind of hop experience. It blends five gallons of house juiced Cantaloupe and Grapefruit with the explosive citrus character of one and half lbs per/bbl of El Dorado, Amarillo, and Experimental hop #5256 & #7270 added in the last few minutes of the boil.  The malt bill of American 2-row, vienna, and torrified wheat is designed to provide balance and a solid body, but also be very light to allow the hops to fully shine.  This beer is insanely smooth and drinkable without any astringent bitterness that many IPA's are known for.  To top it off, it is double dry hopped with six pounds of El Dorado, lending an aroma reminiscent of ripe melon hop candy.  In true Gonzo fashion, Barstow packs a punch and can hide its liquor well ... and remember, this is Bat Country ...

42 - Donut Porter 

Inspired by: Douglas Adams' The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

If you find yourself asking these questions: What is the answer to life? The universe? And everything? You might be surprised to find that the answer is 42. What took a super computer 7.5 million years to calculate, we knew the moment when we conceived this beer. Falling somewhere between breakfast and dinner, this beer will have you contemplating the improbability of the universe, the intelligence of mice and dolphins and perhaps even remind you to not forget your towel.

Our collaboration with Glazed and Confuzed Donuts started with a simple recipe suggestion: how about doing a Donut Porter? The Fiction Brewers approached the bakers at Glazed and Confuzed with nothing more than an idea. After some very brief discussions it was decided by all that we should absolutely do a collaboration beer using the delicious Vanilla Brown Butter Glaze donuts. So we added 30 pounds of donuts (that is 192 donuts) and 27 pounds of specially made vanilla brown butter glaze. Both ingredients were added with just a few minutes left in the boil. The brown porter base beer is rich with roasted chocolate malt and Black Pearl from Patagonia to give the drinker a mellow and rich dark malt flavor without the acrid burnt taste of other roasted grains. During fermentation we added 33 pounds of maple syrup to enhance and enrich the natural flavors from the donuts and the porter malt bill. To finish our answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, we infused the finished beer with bourbon and oak. The end result is a richly complex yet mild porter with hints of vanilla, maple and bourbon … oh yeah and a subtle aroma of fresh baked donuts! Enjoy.

Denouement - Raspberry Quad fermented w/Brettanomyces

Inspired by: The French Literary Term

Definition: The final outcome of the main dramatic complication in a literary work.

The plot has come to a climax and the protagonist has vanquished their enemies, yet the ending isn't all wrapped up … The primary fermentation of this beer was done with Brettanomyces (a wild yeast) which will help evolve this beer over time.

ALS IPL - India Pale Lager

Fiction Beer is very proud to have been selected as one of only three breweries in Colorado to participate in the Ales for ALS fundraising program.  Loftus Ranches and Hopunion have created a unique blend of hops specifically for this program.  We choose to use those hops in an emerging style coined India Pale Lager.  The intent was to build a crisp and refreshing summer beer with the hopflavor and aroma of a classic IPA.  The hop blend has a mix of earthy, floral, and citrus character that will keep you sniffing and sipping to discover the many attributes of this complex blend.

Heart of Hearts - Belgian Triple with Dragonfruit

Would you trust your heart and soul to live forever? The Dragons of Alagaesia can choose to entomb their souls into a living gem stone called Eldunari, or heart of hearts; so long as it exists, they can live. One look at this magically vibrant concoction and we hope you will agree that part of our soul will live on in our own representation of a dragon’s heart of hearts.

Our adapted version of a Belgian Triple produced flavors and aromas unique to this style including clove, spice, pepper, and banana.  To up the ante on this we added over 200 pounds of the very mild tropical dragonfruit.   The mild flavor adds to the complexity of the Belgian triple while not becoming overwhelming.  The color of the dragonfruit is nothing short of spectacular, a rich but mellow red, when combined with the gold hue of our triple results in a stunning fuchsia.  Have a taste, search out the delicate papaya and melon undertones, bask in the esters, but most of all…enjoy!