Sunny Boy - Brett Saison with Rosehips

Brewed for the “Beers Made by Walking” Beer Festival, this beer was inspired by a walk in the woods of the GR Bar Ranch (located outside of Paonia, CO) and the excellent book Trapline (an Allison Coil mystery) by local author, Mark Stevens.  The beer is named after main character Allison Coil’s horse, Sunny Boy—because who better experiences the beautiful scenery that western Colorado has to offer thanthe horses thatcarry their riders?  This beer may not be mysterious, but it certainly embodies the spirit of Colorado.   This beer is best enjoyed on horseback with a mountain view. 

While walking the woods of Paonia, CO, we came across large caches of wild rosehips andfound our local ingredient inspiration.  Rosehips were added at the end of the boil to provide a unique character to the traditional Saison grain bill.  We fermented this beer with a blend of saison yeast and brettanomyces.  The result is a dry, crisp, lightly tart and refreshing seasonal beer.    

Charyou Tree - Malty Ale with Cider

A crisp and engaging harvest beer. The flavor is fresh with ripe apples and heavy with the visceral sorrow of human sacrifice. Death for you and life for my crop!

Our anniversary ale was created with the help of our book and beer lovin’ brethren.  We held a contest allowing our customers to name a beer, give the style, and tell us what book inspired their entry.  Cedar Edell was our winner with this suggestion.  He helped us brew the beer and we are excited to present you with this interesting hybrid style.  We used a malt forward grain bill that was mashed at a high temperature to promote a full bodied mouthfeel.  During fermentation we added enough apple cider to make up about 20% of the batch. The simple sugars in the apple helped to dry the beer out, bring out the tart flavor from the fruit but still let the malt shine.  


Cosmic Unity - Imperial India Pale Ale

Cosmic Unity is a tropical hop experience. With over 4 pounds of hops per barrel.  This beer produces a dank aroma of papaya, mango, guava, and chardonnay grape.  The balanced malt bill was designed to be dry, allowing the hops to be the focus showing how these varieties work with one another to create new and exciting flavor profiles.  We recommend allowing the beer to breathe for a few minutes and warming with your hands to truly allow the sticky hop oils to infiltrate your senses. " You're either on the bus or off the bus." Enjoy!