Twilight Superstition - Sour Pumpkin Ale

Ah, the infamous town of Sleepy Hollow!  As described by Washington Irving: “ The whole neighborhood abounds with local tales, haunted spots, and twilight superstitions; stars shoot and meteors glare more often across the valley than in any other part of the country, and the nightmare with her whole ninefold seems to make it the favorite of her gambols.” Well said Mr. Irving.  We will leave it at that. 

Our pumpkin treat this year includes over 110 pounds of “shattered” pumpkin, a touch of spice, a rich malty backbone and a crispsourfinish.  The nose is reminiscent of fresh roasted squash, tart autumn fruit and caramel.  Fermented with a blend of saison yeast and brettanomyces this sour farmhouse ale is full of complexity and character.  Fall is here!  

The Game is Afoot - Salted Caramel Wee Heavy

British malts and Sherlock Holmes were our inspiration for this brew.  With an imagination fueled by the complexity of the characters and settings crafted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we pictured ourselves sitting in the drawing room of a vast estate upon the moors; sipping a Wee Heavy while in the distance, a diabolical hound howls in the night.  This beer is best enjoyed fireside … perhaps while wearing your deerstalker hat and finest Persian slippers.  

Wee Heavy is one of our Brewer’s favorite styles with its complex malt character, its easy drinking style and its high alcohol.  So when it was suggested to combine those characteristics with the luxurious flavor of salted caramel—we couldn't resist.  An extended boil, the finest British malts and salty sweet caramel are the detectives in this story.  Try it yourself and see what the mystery is all about!

Heart of Hearts - Belgian Triple with Dragonfruit

Would you trust your heart and soul to live forever? The Dragons of Alagaesia can choose to entomb their souls into a living gem stone called Eldunari, or heart of hearts; so long as it exists, they can live. One look at this magically vibrant concoction and we hope you will agree that part of our soul will live on in our own representation of a dragon’s heart of hearts.

Our adapted version of a Belgian Triple produced flavors and aromas unique to this style including clove, spice, pepper, and banana.  To up the ante on this we added over 200 pounds of the very mild tropical dragonfruit.   The mild flavor adds to the complexity of the Belgian triple while not becoming overwhelming.  The color of the dragonfruit is nothing short of spectacular, a rich but mellow red, when combined with the gold hue of our triple results in a stunning fuchsia.  Have a taste, search out the delicate papaya and melon undertones, bask in the esters, but most of all…enjoy!