Matt Sandy


Amateur brewer and professional brew drinker, Matt Sandy discovered good beer while attending college in Vermont. At that point he couldn't afford it, but knew it existed. As he moved up in the world, he allocated a healthy portion of his earnings to exploring the wondrous world of craft beer. Moving to Colorado helped.

An English major, he agrees with Hunter S. Thompson that "good people drink good beer" and was immediately drawn to the book/beer agenda advocated by Fiction Beer Company. In his spare time he functions as a digital media professional in downtown Denver.

Q & A

What is your favorite beer?

Impossible to choose so I'll go with the beer I drink the most - Mama's Little Yella Pils.

What is your favorite style?

Saison - crisp, complex, strong and perfect after a long day in the field (ed note: has never worked in a field).

What is your favorite book?

Another difficult decision, but either One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez) or Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole).

Who is your favorite author(s)?

Lost Generation all-stars Hemingway and Fitzgerald and their modern day contemporary Denis Johnson.