Jameson Arnett

Assistant Brewer and Fermentation Scientist

A previously itinerant climber, Jameson settled down in Colorado in 2012. He had finally found a place where he could pursue his passions: beers and outdoorsy-stuff. Any time he is not brewing, you can find him climbing the side of a rock face, working on his house, hiking up a mountain, or skiing down the slopes. 

With a background in microbiology, Jameson spent several years in medical research before he decided that making beers was more fun than hanging out with mice all day. He spent years homebrewing, and then graduated to professional brewing; his knowledge of all that is yeasty and bacteria-y comes in handy for making delicious brews. Lately he has been devouring mostly brewing books, but he often returns to his love of fantasy novels or existential and philosophical tomes.

Q & A

What is your favorite beer style? 
English style cask ales, especially Milds.

What is your favorite beer? 
I tend to tailor my tastes to the season; my favorite spring beer is Paulaner Salvator, a Doppel Bock.

What is your favorite book? 
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Who is your favorite author? 
If I say Patrick Rothfuss, will that make him finish The Doors of Stone faster?