Brittany Portman

Head Brewer

Brittany was determined to become a neurologist since the age of 6 and moving to Denver was part of the plan.  With the intention of studying to retake the MCAT, she discovered beer could taste good and daresay fantastic! It was January 2014 when she first tried Trinity’s 7 Day Sour and discovered that there was much to learn about beer and the amount of science was incredible. Since then she hasn’t looked back!


When not in the brewhouse climbing around on fermenters or making beer, Brittany can be found curled up with a fantasy or sci-fi novel (sometimes even crying about a character dying, yes, even dragons), hanging out with her furbaby, Princess Puppy Pants, or occasionally on the mountain snowboarding.


Q & A

What is your favorite beer style?

SOURS! Pucker up buttercup! :-*


What is your favorite beer?

It’s difficult to choose a single favorite beer but I will always choose La Folie if it’s an option.


What is your favorite book?

The Giver by Louis Lowry.  I read it every single semester beginning my freshmen year in high school until college graduation. It kept me sane during midterms when textbooks were my life.


Who is your favorite author?

Patrick Rothfuss, however, if he doesn’t finish Doors of Stone soon he’s dropping to number two.