Ryan Kilpatrick  - Founder and Chief Beer Geek

Beer is not just a passion it is an obsession! At the impressionable age of 21 he spent many an afternoon sitting at the New Belgium Brewing tasting room bar and waxing philosophical on the ins and outs of making beer, owning and operating a brewery (this was back in the day when you could easily find a seat at the tasting room bar). Ryan had taken the tour so many times... Read More

Christa Kilpatrick - Founder and Owner

This self-proclaimed book dork was born and raised in Colorado. She attended Colorado StateUniversity and graduated with a B.A. in English in 2003. While obtaining said degree, she will admit that some great works of literature were read while drinking an Easy Street Wheat (and pretty much every beer from the early days of New Belgium and Odell)—thus beginning her habit of reading while drinking a good beer... Read More

Brittany Portman- Head Brewer

Brittany was determined to become a neurologist since the age of 6 and moving to Denver was part of the plan.  With the intention of studying to retake the MCAT, she discovered beer could taste good and daresay fantastic! It was January 2014 when she first tried Trinity’s 7 Day Sour and discovered that there was much to learn about beer and the amount of science was incredible. Since then she hasn’t looked back! ... Read More

Matt Sandy - Investor

Amateur brewer and professional brew drinker, Matt Sandy discovered good beer whileattending college in Vermont. At that point he couldn't afford it, but knew it existed. As he moved up in the world, he allocated a healthy portion of his earnings to exploring the world of craft beer... Read More

Grant & Laura Steinhauser - Investors

They have been married since 2011 and are Denver people through and through, enjoying the multitude of events and opportunities the city has to offer. They embrace good times, good drinks, good people, and good books. The couple consider themselves reformed party people who have found their social lives considerably slowed by jobs, a new baby, and overall adulthood... Read More

Matt & Holly Wagley - Investors

Holly Wagley is a lover of good food, spirits, and useless bar trivia.  Matt Wagley is happy to be an investor in Fiction Beer Company because he can now attribute his drinking days at Colorado State to research for future investment opportunities... Read More